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Siloing is a SEO technique that creates strong themeatically relevant keyword related rich themes on your site, improving the relevancy of your site in the eyes of the search engines. Jeff Smith & Matt Da Cruz, Original developers of WP silo website plugin

  • Siloing Your Site For SEO Success

    Siloing is an SEO architecture technique that optimizes a website’s structure, organizing content into silos based on target keywords, in order to increase relevancy in the eyes of the search engines.

  • Drive Traffic From Hundreds Of Keywords

    Highly thematic & relevant sites rank for hundreds if not thousands of keywords driving traffic to your website. WP silo builder makes this task simple and fast to implement

  • You Can Rank & Drive Traffic With Wordpress Silo Builder!

    Yes! You can download the WP simple silo builder plugin for free today.

Information architecture (IA) - Organizing Content Gives Better User Experience (UX)

By default SEO SiloArchitecture, provides better signals to search engines

(IA) + (UX) + (AI) = Growth Map Framework

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Gives the search engines a very clear idea of what your site is about, improving your keyword relevancy, own the keywords you are targeting

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